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Imagine Every Light in a Building Being a High Speed Gateway to the Internet

Wherever there is an LED there can be LiFi communication. LiFi is high speed bi-directional networked communication using light. LiFi can achieve approximately 1,000 times the data density of WiFi, provide secure wireless communication, dependable communication in RF hostile environments, reliable networks for enterprise applications and another pathway for controlling smart buildings.

Since LEDs are semiconductors that can be modulated at extremely high speeds LiFi is repurposing light for communication using the same basic infrastructure as DC powered ambient lighting. Because ADI develops technology that remotely powers and controls lighting by PWM it was obvious that we should develop a scalable LiFi technology for specific lights or for every light in a commercial building or residence.

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RFID Antennae/Fixture

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Voice Controllable Wall Switch

ADI’s DC powered “Decora-Style” wall switch provides a microphone and speaker, Alexa Voice control, manual on/off, occupancy sensor, optical sensor, dimming control, and tunable-white lighting. This switch, combined with our DC Micro Grid for power and control of lighting identifies the future for commercial and residential lighting control.

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Programmable Solar Charge-Controller

ADI’s charge control technology provides direct connection from solar panels and battery stored power to a DC Micro Grid for power and control of commercial and residential lighting. Incorporates the ability to program efficient switching between solar, battery and alternate DC or AC power. UL 924 Listed and designed for “emergency egress”, “off-grid” and “peak-load” applications.